A downloadable game for Windows

A 2D platformer with puzzle and metroidvania elements.

Solve puzzles, navigate obstacles and enemies, and explore the vast caves beneath the forest to find the items you need to make your way home.

A final year game project for Griffith University.

Luke Cameron:
Project lead and creative direction,
programming, gameplay
and level design

Jackson Marcroft:
2D art (character and visual fx)

Rebecca Woodman:
2D art (environments), art direction, audio

Additional Sound Effects by:
J1987, xtrgamr, Reitanna, Adam_N, GDESHKO

Merchant's Theme by:
Francis Vace

To Cloudsdale by:
Jyc Row

Allyssa "Midget" Woodman, Daniel, Jadyn, John-Anthony, Juan,
Marcus Johnston, Olexiy, Ori, SJ, Petra, Sarah, Steven, Zahra Pending

With Thanks to:
Liam O'Keefe, Elliot Samson, Jamie, Tyson and Gordon


OldWorlds.zip 30 MB