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I can die happy having played this.

Linux version??


Good You Beat Me To Second. Now My High Score Is Change This Time You Can Defeat My Hardest Score?

Last Power Up I Know How To Obtain But Is Secret I Won't Say How To Obtain Last Power Up

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Working on it! The power up icon speaks for itself.

This game is good, I approve.

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Can Anybody Else Beat My God Score? Actually The Truth Is I Decide To Do Own Self And Very Fun Game Not Boring At All, Why Not? Cuz Power Ups :3


I am working on it. It might take a while but I try.

Can you explain to me how these power-ups work and how to optain them?

Sry For Late Reply, I Already Know 6 Power Ups I Obtained [In Real Time I Always Played Even Missing One Power Up] But Information I Didn't Know About Them. If Want Know How I Know To Obtained Them Watch this.


Wow! You're Almost Got My High Score But Too Late Now. My Score Is Increase More This Time. You Can Passed My New High Score?

I appreciate you so much.

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You thought you won,
Thought the battle was over,
But I, I, I, I'm just getting stronger.

Enjoy your freedom,
It won't last much longer
Cause I, I, I, I keep getting stronger.

I'm coming for you


Damn dude, 1 was fun but this is a whole new level of chaos. Really love the bleeding and frenzy mechanics too! Great work!

Always great to hear your thoughts. You were so close to that last blood bag.

I'd definitely be interested to see how you go with a controller. I made it so that you can do either, or a combination like last time, but with the grids on the floor I've been finding that now I can aim the dashes better with WASD than a thumbstick.


Love the original Pink Marmalade, Pink Marmalade 2 is rad. Keep it up dev. Love the leaderboards now.

I tried my hardest to make this something that fans of the first would enjoy. Really glad to hear you liked this one. Great video :)

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I have been humiliated

Thank you for the challenge. I am looking forward for the next one.

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It is not over yet

I just realized we share the same facial expression. And we also share a new competitor on the high score table. Indeed, it it not over yet.

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I have a problem when I get past like 2M points the game becomes so toxic on my computer my framerate drops a lot and I get teleported to the corner of the map (sometimes gets stuck in there)

 EDIT: Fixed in 1.03


Yep, that's the good frantic twin-stick dubstep bullet storm juice I crave!

I kind of miss offensive dashing, but there's all kinds of layers to this combat system. I'm quite enjoying this.


I love this! Got #4 on the leaderboard, for now :^)

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I feel like a WebGL version is probably more likely at this point, if that would work for you, I can reply to this comment again when if I add that... 

There are web app wrappers at the very least, so if you do go for a webGL, you can generate an apk from say electron or something