Your ship's Light Speed Bypass Drive has suddenly stopped working, and the culprit appears to be a swarm of gravity anomalies.

You'll need to shoot them to avoid having your ship destroyed, but unfortunately they've also broken your targeting system such that you're always aiming at a single fixed point in space.

Position your ship at the correct angle to hit these gravity anomalies, and see how long you can last.

MOVE - Arrow Keys / WASD / Left Thumb Stick
FIRE - Spacebar / A Button
Press J to toggle screen shake

(.Exe Only) 9 and 0 to switch resolutions 

A Game By Francis Vace

Music by MoppySound

Inspired by the #GMTKJam

Completed for Make-A-Thing Sept 2018

Version 1.1:

- 2 New Anomaly Types
- Screen shake can be toggled off
- Improved effects
- Splash screen
- Typos fixes 


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Fixed Point In 20 MB

Development log


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Loved the game! Did you use any special softwares to create the vfx? It looks so well polished :D


Thanks :)

Everything was done within Unity. A lot of particles, trail renderers etc, all scaled down to a low res and then scaled back up for the final game view.


That's clever, I never thought about scaling down the effects then back up again to make them look like pixel art :o


What a wonderful little shooter game!!!


but it would be cool to get +1 bullet to your maximum... just mowing down enemies... and being forced to dodge your own bullets