A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Chase those ever increasing blinking neon numbers.

A twin stick shooter with multipliers, combos, micro quests and upgrades.

Unrelated side note: Did you know that a collective noun for a group of ponies is a Marmalade?

{Flashing lights}

Controls: (xbox controls only currently work on pc, keyboard and mouse work on either platform)

W, A, S, D / Left Stick

Mouse / Right Stick

Left Click / Right Bumper

Right Click / Spacebar / Left Bumper

PhonicB∞m feat. Dumb Fabric

Character Sprites modified from
sprites by
Radiant Kitsune

Version 1.3


-Fixed issues with overlapping text in the leaderboard.

-Fixed the mouse cursor becoming invisible in the leaderboard section.

-Added version number text in the main menu, and a system to show a message if a new version is available.

-Changed the in game menu text to reduce confusion of button functions.


- Changed the way scores over 32bits are sent to the leaderboard

-Changed the way scores are retrieved from the leaderboard after it was discovered that the leaderboard could only send 100 scores at a time.


Pink Marmalade.zip 23 MB
Pink Marmalade Mac.app.zip 24 MB


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Hello! I loved your game, it was wild, gloriously unique and so damn fun to play! I'm so glad I stumbled upon it :D I made a let's play of your game here~


Playing this game was good fun.  I made a video of it I'm sharing with you all now.  This is a fun game and in making this video of it, I had fun, made a fool of myself and got frustrated.  This game was fun enough I would play it again.  Good job dev.                             


Also a timer on the enemy spawns would be a great addition, sometimes you don't know if you're going to walk directly into the enemy or if you can pass safely


I LOVE this game and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for creating it!! 
Although I'd love seeing a Restart option being bound to a button on the keyboard, preferably Space, please implement that in the future


This game is very...different, to say the least. But it was still fun and I enjoyed playing it. 


Highly recommend. Insanely fun and all I want is more.


I am truly unsure of what it is I have stumbled upon here... But I like it.