You gotta climb the tower of Justice, but there's only one thing you can control, you press space to stick.

Made for Butterscotch ShenaniJam 2018. (theme: Sticky Justice)

Achievements Attempted:
Mozart - compose your own music.
One Punch Man - Your game is controllable with a single input
Maverick - Your team size is 1.
Gameboy - Your game only uses 8-bit soundfx and is in the classic gameboy 4-color green palette. (I also stuck to the gameboy's 160x144 resolution)

I also tried to work with the spirit of the Ergonomically Horrifying achievement (The controls for your game put the human body in some strange positions) as much as I could with a single button input. I went for more of a strange mind position than a body position with this one.

Screen shake can be toggled on and off with the S key.


Press Space To 17 MB


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Another wonderfully difficult jam game of yours, which, despite brief frustration, still captivates its players! <3 All the difficult parts become easier step by step the more you try them and the more you get into the rhythm of the game. It also never seems arbitrary or unfair. This is a fantastic level design in combination with a great one-button-control scheme that you have mplemented here. :) That's why it was my pleasure to recommend this puzzle platformer on our blog in an article and to upload a playthrough video for it. <3 Of course, I cut the video to a 13/14-minute-version, because the raw material was roundabout 33-35 minutes long. :D

Best wishes,


Thanks again for giving this a play.

I really appreciate hearing your thoughts on it :)


This is harder than 'Get Over it'... perfect.