Smash the prison bars,
then run like hell.

W / Up
S / Down

Made for the 40 Hours Game Jam.
Theme: 10 Seconds
Sub themes: Gravity, Escape

Font by Eeve Somepx
Music by MoppySounds
Palette by GrafxKid

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags2-bit, Pixel Art


Download 20 MB


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Fun, simple and fast, I like it :D


You had a wonderful way of implementing different running concepts in "Roboleton", Francis. That's why I recommended it without any doubt. :) I mean, the changing forms of the robot like the pure running form, the rocket form and the "Flappy Bird" form really added something to the game, especially to its pace. It was interesting to see how the gameplay changes, while the whole concept stays the same: You have ten seconds to pass a level, now figure out how to do it without a mistake. Awesome work, and aesthetically pleasing as well! Congratulations, I hope others will find it just as much fun and challenging as I did. :) Our playthrough video may help with that. <3

Best wishes,