Ollie, Flip, Grind, Slide and Manual.
All with only one button.

To jump, hold the only button, then release. The longer you held, the higher the jump.
To perform a trick, input the the sequence while in the air.
To grind, land on a rail while holding the only button.
To perform a grind trick, input the sequence, then immediately hold the only button until you land on a rail.
To perform a manual press and hold the only button just before you land.
Manuals don't grant score but will keep a combo alive.

Trick Glossary:

Kick Flip  /  Tail Slide

. .
Heel Flip  /  Nose Slide

Shove It  /  Board Slide

_ .
Varial Heel Flip  /  5-0

. _
Varial Kick Flip  /  Crooked

. . .
Hard Flip  /  Tail Grab Slide

Made for the GMTK Game Jam 2019
Theme: "only one"

Background art by MGG

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, one-button, only-one, Pixel Art, skateboard
AccessibilityOne button


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Great game to play in class. Easy to play and fun


I know it's an older title, but any chance for a windows build? the browser version is awesome but I don't have enough ram to run it smoothly


great job! Ilike it

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Fun once i found out how to grind and stuff!

can you make this mobile compatible? played it on pc but its actually fun and addicting:D

I spent a little time after the jam trying to make a mobile version, but for some reason the physics just didn't work on mobile and I couldn't work it out. I still think about this game from time to time, and I haven't ruled out coming back to maybe start from scratch with mobile as the target.

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yes u are make good game :D

any updates on this?

I'm currently working on another game that has a similar mechanic. I completely rewrote the physics code for it, and when I have time I'm keen to revisit this project and see if the new physics code works on mobile 

oh cool
cant wait to see it

lol epics

There was a glitch where it made me fall through the ground.

Deleted post